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Writer.      Speaker.      Womansworker.

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Hey Queen, join me on my journey to honest Selflove & high vibrational Living


The Author

It all started with a diary which became her refuge on days when no one else understood and later was her key to freedom when unpacking the years of pain and trauma. Writing became her therapy, transforming pain into words that now read her story.


Sunshinegoldenchild is the daughter of a Trinidadian father and a German mother.

She was raised in a small village in Germany which never felt like home to her. Growing up she struggled with her sense of belonging and identity, got lost in depression and heartbreak. She escaped the small-minded borders of her village and dived headfirst into a whole new world which turned everything upside down for her.


She promotes self-love, body-positivity and women empowerment.


Sunshinegoldenchild utilizes the intimacy of poetry and the art of the written word to weave the cloth between our individual experiences and collective liberation as women.


She is a former poetry slam champion and performed on national and international stages such as in Germany, New York, and London.


Her essays and poetry have been featured in several digital publications.


Her writing style is easy to read yet full of colorful metaphors and imagery, sprinkled with enough optimism and a bounty of passionate dreamy lines that are bound to touch readers to their core.


She has also developed an engaging creative writing workshop where she takes the attendees on a journey through their deeper layers of self for further self-exploration.


The Speaker

Sunshinegoldenchild is a sought-after speaker to host events or workshops for or representing brands and companies. She also does motivational talks, thereby her key topics are „Selfcare and mental health“, „Selflove and Building Confidence“.


With her honest and raw approach of sharing pieces of her journey, she reaches an unprecedented level of empathy and relatability amongst young women throughout all walks of life, but especially other women of color in who she seeks to inspire transformation and self-growth.

With her welcoming and positive personality, she makes everyone feel genuinely acknowledged and invested. She is fluent in both German and English and therefore open to an international audience of all ages.


In roundtable or panel discussions she always „says it like she means it“ and so adds value to the table.


Sunshinegoldenchild is also passionate about guided meditations and presents them in a way millennial women can grasp them. She teaches them to rewire their internal dialogue to a kinder tone using affirmations and teaches how to invite more peace and clarity into their lives.

In efforts to give more access, she is releasing a „meditation mixtape“ on all platforms beginning of 2021.


The Empowermentcoach

„I believe there is hope in COMMUNITY. Feeling SEEN, UNDERSTOOD AND CONNECTED with and by likeminded people is pertaining to humanity and an important puzzle to our sanity“, Sunshinegoldenchild said in an interview.


After the success of her book „Watering my Crown“, she realized the magic of putting her words into action and the necessity of healing in her community. That's where the Sister Circle was born from.

The Sister Circle is a registered association that promotes and supports the elevation and growth of young women of color. The Sister Circle is for sisters seeking healing and connection.

They meet once a month to discuss topics all around sisterhood, self-love and self-care, motherhood and current political events that may be impactful to their livelihood.


She believes that individual empowerment grows to collective empowerment which then helps us to walk through life with more confidence and conviction and the power to demand the things we deserve.

My Books
Invest in your self love journey

Sunshinegoldenchild examines the alchemy between brain, heart and soul by sharing her journey from depression to the desire of honest self-love. She seeks to highlight the nuances of growing up as a young woman of color in a predominantly white society while putting our feelings on self worth or lack thereof in context of capitalism, white supremacy and hetero-patriarchy and then empowers you to redefine your story, show yourself more compassion and fall back in love with the amazing human you are. 



„Watering my Crown“ is the perfect title for a book that promotes a proactive approach to finding your individual happiness, delivered in a raw and honest approach of sharing pieces to the author´s own personal journey and then giving insight to the methods and inspiration she has pulled from to rising from her place of darkness back to the light. Full of insights, wisdom, and clarity Sunshinegoldenchild teaches you how to shed self-sabotaging habits, the importance of cutting toxic people out of your life and instead growing into your best and most authentic self making your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing a priority. 

In Sunshinegoldenchild´s latest project she introduces and guides you into the art of journaling. The practice of journaling is a powerful tool to self-analyze and self-reflect. It helps to unpack years of supressed emotions in those hidden layers of self, a place we rarely take time to visit and explore. Journaling allows us to tap back into ourselves and do that „shadow work“ which then creates an opportunity for real healing to happen. 

In this guide Sunshinegoldenchild will focus on our seven chakras, teach you about them and how to spot the emotional signs of a possible energy flow stagnation but also takes you on a journey with her many prompts connecting to each chakra. 

This guide is anybody who seeks to further reach into themselves and align themselves further with their needs and wants in life. 

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The Sister Circle is a safe space, where "self help" meets "real talk".

We speak on topics like Sisterhood, Women Empowerment, Motherhood, Self Love, Personal Growth, Community Building or we just vent on what happened to us that we need someone to talk to.



A day where we want to honor and celebrate our femininity, strength and body wisdom.

We have a line up of many young women entrepreneurs & experts sharing their crafts and knowledge with you in this FREE event.

You don’t want to miss out on all the amazing activities scheduled.



In the midst of around 60 likeminded amazing souls, melanated Queens & Kings, a room full of Love & Support, I was able to formally introduce my „Baby“, the project I had been working on for the last couple of years. 


How I missed my window

During my travels through +30 countries, I saw my „purpose“ being born. I found myself connecting to my spirit, being able to „hear myself“ again and began slowly peeling back those layers of my soul that had been untouched for way too many years.

AfterlightImage 7.JPG

The problem with being "woke"

„Woke“ is a word that was born in the „Black Conscious Community“ and describes a person that leaves the „bliss of ignorance“ behind and opens themselves up to the truth that is behind „what THEY want us to know“.

AfterlightImage 8.JPG

Is there a war on masculinity?

I saw this question being discussed on Instagram after the recent rise of the „ME TOO“ movement and the discussions surrounding it. I wanted to voice my own opinion on this topic that is so personal to me, especially now, that I too have a daughter.


Voré Sane, Blogger

„My sister wrote a book about growth, self reflection, self love and empowerment and it is truely a blessing for us all. Her beautiful spirit shines right through her words, they helped me immensly through my own journey. I work as a flight attendant and anywhere in the world that I go, my book goes with me. I recommended to so many women already, I can't stop speaking about it."


Rola, Singer

„Watering my Crown is personal. It´s like reading your best friend´s diary. She shares her story with so much  love, detail and advice and lets us be part of her journey. Sunshinegoldenchild gives us a very intimate glimpse of the trials and tribulations growing up as a young woman that feels a little lost in this world and how she makes the world her own. Reading this as her best friend today makes me so emotional knowing that the book itself is part of her journey and one of her greatest accomplishments.“

AfterlightImage 6.JPG

Jane Doe, Mom

"Sunshinegoldenchild's book put into words what i held inside my soul for all these years but never knew how to express. As a black woman growing up in Germany I saw myself in a lot of the struggles she is mentioning, so much so, that I've teared up while reading more than a couple times. This book is super relatable and it makes me proud to see this sister winning. She has my full support."

I work with women to create a Movement of unapologetic Selflove and Liberation

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