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My Book Release Event

On January 5th 2020 the time has finally come when I held my first official book release event for „Watering my Crown“. In the midst of around 60 likeminded amazing souls, melanated Queens & Kings, a room full of Love & Support, I was able to formally introduce my „Baby“, the project I had been working on for the last couple of years. 


Writing has always been my passion and I published other pieces before, but „Watering my Crown“ was personal, it´s the closest thing to home the world has ever read of me. It reveils the fabric of my soul, tells my story, speaks about the journey and the lessons. It celebrates womanhood and promotes the unapologetic Love for Self. 


That evening in the beautiful Café Lafrique, where the event was held, many hearts were touched, some tears were shed and there was this unique sense of inspiration and power in the air. Empowered to claim the „Real You“, no matter how the world around you reacts. Speaking your truth FREELY, releasing all inhibitions, letting go of shame and start „something new“. 


The applause was overwhelming and the finger snappings after certain answers during my interview session were so affirming: „They feel me - we in this here together“. 

That night, I began realizing that „Watering my Crown“ will turn into something bigger than me - it will become a movement. Something that young women across the globe can identify themselves with and that will accompany them on their own quest of self exploration. 

Presenting Watering my Crown to the World

The event was a true success, everybody in attendance shared snapshots and uploaded clips into their social media stories, my name was tagged more than 300 times that night and a wildfire began.


I could have not been happier with the outcome. 

Yours truly,


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