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Sister Circle

Its Sisterhood, Empowerment, Community

Sister Circle is a time and space where young women (of color) get together to connect face to face in times of social media where we feel like we're in contact with a 1000 people but we often have no idea what's going on in their lives behind what they post. 

Here we can freely speak our mind, exchange our experiences and learn from one another. 

We speak on topics like Sisterhood, Women Empowerment, Motherhood, Self Love, Personal Growth, Community Building or we just vent on what happened to us that we need someone to talk to. 

The Sister Circle is a safe space, where "self help" meets "real talk", it is a no judgement zone where we do not tolerate bullying or catty behavior. 

All women leave empowered and inspired with new motivation and ideas for their own personal lives. Getting involved in this circle gives you a new dynamic to conversations that regular meetings with your girlfriends can't give you because here we have new perspectives from women of all walks of life, women who you probably would have not had the opportunity to open up to the way this space allows you to. Many tears have been shed, many encouraging words have been spoken and hugs given.


Community is strength, sisterhood a necessity.

We meet up once a month in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Please press the Botton Join or send me an email to to attend one of our events. 


The Sister Circle is for you, if:

• you crave sisterhood & real connection with likeminded women

• you want to be heard, without judgement or comparison

• talk about relevant topics to our reality as a woman of color in a white society

• you want to release self-doubt, get inspired, and try something new

• you crave spiritual component in your day to day circles

Our group grew to +80 active members in Frankfurt, we would be happy to welcome you. Each meeting has about 20 women in their midst and I prepare a topic and a few questions surrounding it for us to discuss, everybody can talk freely, I just make sure the discussions stay respectful. If you'd like to stay more in the backround and observe then that is also not a problem.

If you are interested to join just contact me and we will make it happen. 

You can bring a girlfriend of course. Let's grow and empower our community. 

When women gather in circles, magic gets created.

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