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Watering My Crown

Women of Color Empowerment Day

Sunshinegoldenchild presents

For more than half a year we have been building a strong Sister Circle´s connection and now the time has come to take our Women´s Circle to the next step:


A full day of:

• Selflove & Selfesteem Workshops

• Group Meditations and Yoga Sessions

• Self Defense for Women Course

• Turn Up & Fun Times


We have a line up of many young women entrepreneurs & experts sharing their crafts and knowledge with you in this FREE event (donations will be nice).

​You don’t want to miss out on all the amazing activities scheduled.

A photographer (@moa.belen) and videographer (@venusvision) will also be present to capture the magic.


When: 01.08.2020 Where: Rebstockpark, Frankfurt

Queens dont compete - we Empower!


Our workshops offered:

  • African Yoga and the holistic approach with Saba

  • "Queendom, Sisterhood and the Legacy of the Black Woman" with Melanelle

  • Hairbraiding Workshop with Karité Classics

  • "Black Female Entrepreneurship" with Adelaide from Unrefined Riches

  • Goddess Meditations & Sexual Empowerment with Lusyd Awakening

  • Self Defense course with Aisha

  • "Black Motherhood in context of patriarchy" with Desiré

  • "Diving through the deeper layers of Self" an intentional journaling Workshop with Sunshinegoldenchild

How it was...

For those who have missed the beautiful „Women of Color Empowerment Day“, which is all about healing, self-love, inner peace and connecting with your sisters, I want to try and find the words to describe what happened.


The first mind-blowing thing about the event was that it attracted women from so many different cities, some took journeys as long as 8 hours just to be present, I guess they had a feeling that THAT DAY HISTORY WILL BE WRITTEN, and we sure did.

„Sunshinegoldenchild presents: Women of Color Empowerment Day“ really has been the first event centered around workshops on women empowerment FROM women of color (all black women at that) FOR women of color. 

It was so emotional to withness all the women SEEING each other, telling one another „You look beautiful“. 

I´ve heard several times that day how POWERFUL it felt to these ladies to „be the majority rather than always a part of the minority“, which is a big deal for us black & brown girls living in Germany, which still is a rather white country that doesn´t represent us nor caters to us and our needs so well. We grow up with feelings of unappreciation, misunderstanding and sometimes even disrespect to our identities, so being in a circle of women that share our struggle and light felt magical even before any words were spoken. You just felt silent support in the air and the park where we held the day was the perfect setting for us, being grounded and surrounded by nature.


All women present were excited to be there on their beautifully colorful African cloths and hippie blankets, to be empowered and ready to soak up all we had prepared for them. Each attendee was able to choose two workshops (out of 8) to visit that day and most had trouble deciding because they all sounded so good. 


We had @lusyd.awakening who specializes in Goddess Meditation and Yoni Health, she created a healing circle with the women challenging them to burn their limiting beliefs in a fire bowl while manifesting on better intentions. They also spoke about empowering ways to own your sexuality and claim your divine femininity. 


We had @goal_digger_19 who is a feminist self-defense teacher who gave the women a glimpse into their mental and physical strengths and showed them how to use their armor. Her workshop was always filled up to the last spot and the whole park heard them proclaiming their powers :)


We had @melanelle_ who is an education officer on anti-black racism and also a writer and poetess who came to bless us with her course on „Queendom, Sisterhood & Empowerment.“ Her course moves between pain and strength, between love and fear, between courage and perseverance, hope and tiredness, as well as fragility and energy.


We had @saba.estifanos who is a certified Yoga teacher, she gave the women a more holistic approach to Yoga and even insight into the history of the practice and Smai Tawi (African Yoga), showing us once again there is nothing new under the African sun.



We had the queens from @kariteclassics who specialized in braiding workshops for all hair types on the Afrohair spectrum. Their idea to turn this into a professional traveling business came along because of the personal need of co-founder Janina who is a mixed-race girl with a white mother who did not know how to handle her daughter´s curly Afro hair and so she figured she had to take matters into her hand and so her and Vicky (the braiding expert) teach us how to handle and braid up our crowns.


We had Adelaide from @unrefinedriches who are Germans youngest most successful black female entrepreneurs, she created Germany´s first skincare brand that represents all skin colors and hair textures. Adelaide spoke to her sisters about starting a business, gave valuable insight and tips and shared her expertise.


We had @wildmindfulwoman who is a doula and Ayurveda expert, she also offers women healing courses and she spoke to us about „Black Motherhood“ and putting it into context of patriarchy. This topic was very personal to me because the intersectionalities of „Black Motherhood“ are often underrepresented in these spaces.


And I held a workshop on what I know best: Writing / Journaling. I taught my ladies the ways of diving through the deeper layers of self with the tools of „Intentional Journaling“ providing them with a little workbook that asks questions to inspire a more thorough look into your emotional and spiritual world and figure out where the trauma has manifested.


My vision was to create something where likeminded sisters can come together IN REAL LIFE (not online like most courses are happening today) and engage in activities and dialogue all centered around healing and empowerment, something deeper than just the usual festivals which are often more about turn up and dancing (even though we also weren´t short on that thanks to @golden_selo who animated the girls to bust out their best moves).


We learned together, shared together, laughed together and cried together, created a sacred place for women to get together to inspire, to reflect, break generational curses and promote healing.


Beyond the workshops this event was perfect to make new friends and sister connections, women that often only find each other online were now able to share their energies face to face and I must say I also did not expect so many women that share my interests and desire to collectively work on our mental health and self-love journies to be in my city.


I also enjoyed to see a few ladies past their 40s who understood the value in this event and that life is about ever-growing and evolving, I am grateful they blessed us with their wisdom and taught us the importance of transgenerational sisterhood. I was especially in love with the mother-daughter pair from my home island Trinidad, they were super cute.

Also shoutout to the many moms who brought their children, next year I will organize some proper children's entertainment and maybe we can even come up with an empowerment workshop for our young queens & kings.


My heart is still full of gratitude for my beautiful sisters @sabeba.estifanos, @goal_digger_19, @melanelle_, @unrefinedriches, @kariteclassics, @lusyd.awakening & @wildmindfulwoman for giving us their all for this, making this event what it was. For seeing my vision without me having to further talk them into anything, for supporting me without expecting any financial gain. These Queens are truly special women and I am so happy I found some new sister connections that will live on.

„I needed this! WE need this! I learned so much today about myself, my sisters and the healing process that we all need as a community. I walk home feeling excited and inspired to try new things and I am forever thankful for this day. Thank you to all the sisters I´ve met today and that gave me something to believe in again. We are awesome.“ - Alexis T.


„This day was beyond what I could have ever expected, I mean I know Sonia and her events and so I knew she had planned something amazing - but this day here was POWERFUL, I live in an area where I don´t see many faces that look like mine, I don´t have access to „the black community“ as I wish I did, so being surrounded by so many women that share my complexion and even some darker than me felt so empowering. All I saw was beauty and queendom today.“ - Mariama S.


„I almost didn´t come because some other plans came up but now I am so glad I made it and I know once I post these stories on the gram my friend will wish they would have come too. Today was so enlightning and magical, I had never meditated before, thought this wasn´t for me but today really opened my eyes. I also wasn´t aware of how much was actually originated BY US. We are beautiful. I have never felt more proud of my black Afrikan heritage.“ - Johanna G.

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